Fun times with Pogo Pins!

The TEasy Mod is designed to interface to the Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightstick, both the SE and TE versions. I’ve designed it to allow for near, and even fully solderless electrical mods for these arcade sticks. The way I’ve accomplished this is through the use of some very special spring loaded pins, placed at the precise spots where you would normally have to solder to.

How do you install this board?
1. CUT the USB cable
2. Install the included spacers
3. Screw down TEasy Mod in the same spot where the 360 PCB originally was, utilizing the stock screws already there.
4. Tighten down the center screw until it basically touches the case… DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.
5. Prep the 360TE PCB for install by trimming the through hole leads. You only have to trim the spots that the TEasy Mod will touch that involves a through hole header. i.e. every connection listed in the pinout except USBVCC, GND, D+, D-, only clip those if you feel they are extremely bent to one side or something.

Picture of what I mean in step 5.

6. Line up the pins and clip the 360 PCB on top of the TEasy Mod
7. Run the ribbon cable to your choice of controller board by the use of screw terminals or direct ribbon cable connection to the Dual Strike for a basic dual modded arcade stick.

When you clip it into place, all of the points required are broken out to the shrouded header, allowing you to run the wires how you wish.

Here’s the pinout of the end header, which contains all necessary lines for basic and advanced modifications.

Currently there are two versions of the TEasy Mod, the TEasy Mod v1.2, and the TEasy Mod S v1.0:
The difference in the boards:

  • TEasy Mod v1.2: This board works on ALL round 1/2 Madcatz TE/SE sticks, including Femme Fatale/MvC/Comic-Con Limited Editions
  • TEasy Mod S v1.0: This board works on the new SSF4 Madcatz TE sticks, and will more than likely work on the new sticks coming out soon (Chun Li Blue for example).

When you purchase a TEasy Mod, you will receive the following:

  • 1 x TEasy Mod assembled board
  • 4 x Flanged spacers
  • 1 x Double ended ribbon cable, roughly 6 inches long

For more information, as well as tutorial videos and  examples of these guys installed and used in various ways, please visit My Thread on

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