Before You Begin

Verify that you have the following before starting, it’s always good to have all tools with you before you start.


  1. A soldering iron
  2. A screw driver to open and access the PCB
  3. Wire strippers, pliers, tweezers, and anything else you find helps with manipulation of wires during mods.

Installation (Using a PS360+, Start to Finish)

Step 1.
Remove the plastic casing of the PCB, and it helps to remove the cover on the START and SELECT area to give you more slack while you work.

Step 2.
isconnect the green and white USB wires from the Xbox One PCB, strip and tin them. At this point it’s also a good idea to solder a couple of small wires to the D+ and D- signals on the XB1 PCB.

Disconnect ONLY the D+/D- (green and white) wires, leave the red (vcc), black (ground), and yellow (shield) wires alone. This is to ensure power flows correctly in the mod and that shielding is retained on the USB.


Step 3.
Align the TE2 Crossbone with the original PCB, and press down until it bottoms out. To effectively get pressure, you should press on the black shrouded headers, do NOT press towards the bottom area of the board since there’s really no support and could cause damage from the bending.



Step 4.
Solder the USB cable’s wires to the USB OUT signals. Then solder the Xbox One PCB’s D- and D+ signals to the XB1 IN points.

Step 5.
Now we are going to do a fast sanity check to ensure everything is nicely connected and is playing well.

Put the included ribbon cable in place. One end to the PCB Harness position, and one end to the original place the button harness went. It will lock into place once fully engaged. Put all the other cables back into place.


Ignore the Switch wire and header already soldered in the picture, but now plug it into your PC/XB1 and verify real quick that everything boots as normal and your inputs register.


Step 6.
In this installation I will use the 20P header, otherwise you could simply run the inputs however you choose but for demonstrative purposes this is best.

Install/solder the 20P headers to the underside of both PCBs, and connect the ribbon cables. It’s OK if you need to uproot the TE2 Crossbone to do this, just put it down back in place afterward.

Note – If you use a right angle 20P header on the TE2 Crossbone you do NOT have to use the underside mounting method as there is plenty of space to use the top side.


Step 7.
I use the RJ45 cable assembly add-ons that are sold with the PS360+ for ease of use. You only need positions 5 and 6, which are D- and D+ respectively. Run those to the SYS. 2 positions on the TE2 Crossbone.



Step 8.
Run the “Switch” input to your choice of button to use. I chose “Home” since the PS360+ does not use that as any sort of forced mode.


Step 9.
Finalize the install by putting the included ribbon cable in place. One end to the PCB Harness position, and one end to the original place the button harness went. It will lock into place once fully engaged.


Step 10.
Put everything else back into place.


Step 11.
Close it up. You’ll find that the plastic housing for the PCB will no longer be able to be used, but you can manage the wires better than I can probably. Just make sure the closed top doesn’t hit anything, and you’re good to go.


Install Verification

Step 1.
Plug it into your PC with nothing held down, you should get an error but still a description that “controller” or “fightstick” was there but not recognized. Alternatively you can test on your Xbox One immediately, but PC is always the best feedback, since it’ll tell if you have power surges, etc. This will be very useful with PC drivers when they are released.

Step 2.
Unplug and replug with your “switch” input held down, the PC should read that the PS360+ is being used. Open up the controller properties and verify your inputs all register.


Install video with PS360+ done by Lemony Vengeance!