The T.E.2 Crossbone is designed to give the same compatibility styling as the regular Crossbone, giving you the ability to easily hack your xbox one compatible PCB into a cross compatible system. The main difference being that this one is designed specifically for the Madcatz TE2, which currently is the only arcade stick available for the Xbox One, and a damn fine one at that.


This is the main question, since the TE2 is designed to be as moddable as possible, yet electrically it’s pretty unmoddable in the classic sense. You can’t simply connect another PCB to it’s inputs, as they are not exactly compliant with the standard you see in most setups. To put it simply, it’s not “common ground,” which means that all of the I/O being used in the mod do not have a return path to ground but instead have a return path to a common signal that is far harder to work with.

The exact reasoning/setup of the TE2 is hard to describe, so I won’t go into detail here, but suffice it to say that simply connecting to the PCBs signals won’t work straight up. You need a middle man to bridge that gap, and that’s where the TE2 Crossbone comes in.


IMG_0088Top Side

IMG_0092Bottom Side

The design is very simple. You remove the plastic enclosure surrounding the PCB and remove all of the ribbon cables, plug the TE2 Crossbone into the original PCB and then put the ribbon cables back into place. The original button harness goes to the spot labeled BUTTON HARNESS, and a double ended ribbon cable goes to a position labeled PCB HARNESS and gets plugged into the spot the harness originally went.

IMG_0090Button Harness position, the button wire harness goes here

IMG_0091 PCB Harness position, the included ribbon cable gets plugged in here and the other end into the original harness position.

The board uses the “switch” input, located in the top right of the PCB to swap to the broken out points. You can put this to a physical switch, or in your dual system setup… any input you wish. The board will not swap or be able to use the secondary inputs without this so it’s very important that you control/use this. This input simply needs to be grounded upon plug in to the system to swap over, it can be released afterward.

I tried to think of a way to automate the swap, but ultimately it removed a lot of control from the user and could cause unwanted states if drivers for PC are released.


The board is equipped with a data signal switch ability, and allows you to utilize the original USB connection for a one cable setup.
USB OUT = Outbound USB connection (I.E. The cable)
XB1 IN = The Xbox One PCB’s USB signals
SYS. 2 = The secondary system you wish to use (I.E. PS360+, Cerberus, Cthulu, etc.)

The system will default to Xbox One usage, and can swap to the secondary system via the “Switch” input, which is described a bit more above. The “Invert” solder jumper allows you to invert the primary system, making it so that SYS. 2 is on by default, and XB1 will be the swapped to system when “Switch” is utilized.

The signals are broken out into 3.5mm screw terminal/solder positions, and also a 20P header that matches the PS360+ for ribbon cable usage. However, due to the height limitations of the TE2 you should be aware that you need to actually run the cable/headers on the underside of the board. I’ll show this in the installation section.

If you haven’t quite gathered it, this mod DOES require soldering. While fairly easy, if you aren’t comfortable with this you should consult your nearest modder/steady solder hand. I’ve tried to make the important solder points as large as possible for ease of use.

Installation Step by step

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