Fucking hell, dunno what it is but something’s wrong with my pad. It works, but if I move the USB cable at all it disconnects. Took the goddamn thing apart, moved some wires and realized that i’ve come a long way in skill, because the wiring is atrocious, and I never tinned the wires…what the fuck.

Put it back together, and it’s still doing it…I think I have an idea of what’s going on..but it’s still pissing me off, FFFFUUUUUU

What bugs me is that I took it apart and moved the power lines completely away from each other, which means it wasn’t my original wiring…or perhaps it was, and now I’ve just created the same issue in a different way. My thought now is that the shielding is touching one or more of the 3 other USB lines, which…when plugged it, causes a grounding effect.

That would make sense, since I can’t seem to find a short when things are pulled apart, but when I plug it into my computer…the second I move the cable it shits out and tells me I have a surge on the port (not the safest/best test, but I’ve learned I can abuse that function on my PC without worry).

It would almost be easier to rewire the entire fucking thing, and recut my spare Imp board, but then I’d be out another $10 and possibly have the same issue.