Okay, so last night (around 2am…god damnit) I pretty much finished up the second mod for Cracka J.

First Mod: Dual Modded Xbox 360 TE
Parts Required:
1 x ChImp Beta Kit (v.2.0)
Random accessories

You’ll probably notice the nylon washer on the screw in the second picture. This is a beta board and the standoff holes are a “tad” close, so if the screw head is large enough it’s possible to short the signals accidentally…the washer prevents that. Toodles has made it clear this will be fixed in the next revision.

Autodetection of consoles, no switch necessary.

Second Mod: Dual Modded PS3 TE
Parts Required:
1 x Madcatz xbox 360 Fightpad
1 x Imp Kit
Random accessories

This one took me forever and a half to complete, mostly because I have the annoying habit of laying wires out as pretty as possible when given the space, which eats time…but looks pretty. I wasn’t sure where to mount the pad, but I opted for the backside of the plastic centerpiece. It worked out pretty well, and with the zip ties and tie mounts added no wires will be pulled on at all…so no ugly hot glue necessary.

Not pictured: The terminal block where the buttons are soldered to, it kept things neat by separating the directional and button location for wires.

Defaulted to LS/DP as PS3 mode, when switched to RS it will be put into Xbox360 mode.