I was asked if I could dual mod a fightpad (well…one of the new Brawl Pads) by BP Amoco. The last time I dual modded a pad it was a hell of a chore because there wasn’t anything readily out that would fit inside of the small casing.

Enter the Dual Strike SMD, created by Gummowned, a fellow modder who wanted to create a PS3 controller board as small as possible so it could fit in fightpads…and just about anything else.

It uses the open source Dual Strike firmware, and wights in at about 1″ x 1.5″..give or take. This makes it the perfect size for this job, so I wanted to see just how easy this mod has become since I last tackled it.

After…maybe 1.5 hours, I was closing the pad back up.  Yeah…it’s a lot easier now 🙂

I placed it at the optimal spot for the cavities inside of the pad’s plastic shell. There’s a space in the center area where there aren’t any stand offs, plastic walls, or anything else to get in the way. So placing the little board about as centered as you can get it, and hanging off the top of the main PCB just a hair is perfect. I used 30 gauge wire to keep space down, and since my soldering skills have immensely grown it wasn’t a problem.

One neat thing I did this time is something I saw Gummy start doing. He removes the 0 Ohm resistors that are inline with the USB signals. This allows you to tap the data lines on the side of the fightpad via soldering to one of the removed resistor’s pads. Then simply solder to the soldered in cable for the main outbound USB lines. It’s slick because it allows you to not have to remove the USB cable from it’s original point of origin, and cuts down the need to attach it to the tiny board which can be an issue in itself since the board is to light the huge ass USB cable could move it easy. Well…that doesn’t happen now, so the board can float freely on the solid 30 gauge and not be bothered by a moving USB cable at all 🙂

The Dual Strike allows auto-detection on all supported systems, I hope it helps BP destroy some people with his amazingly hype Zangief play.