This was my first time working with a custom arcade stick (not a prebuilt/store bought one), and it was a little interesting. I think I fared pretty well, and for the first time ever utilizing quick disconnects things turned out nicely.

Parts Required:
1 x Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightpad
1 x Unassembled ChImp Beta (v. 1.0) w/ USB Jack and Screw Terminal accessories.
Random accessories, including quick disconnects supplied by the case builder.

It’s not complete, as the artwork and plexi have not been put on properly. Electrically the stick works though, and that’s the part I care about. I’m not familiar enough with arcade parts to try and cut the artwork correctly to fit the buttons and whatnot, my forte is electrical work, and I’m just fine with that, heh.

This took me a LONG time to finish, especially in one sitting. The non-solder stuff took me the longest since I try to make my wiring as clean as possible. My ground daisy chain didn’t turn out quite as pretty as I’d hoped, but maybe next time I’ll do better.

Autodetection by the ChImp allows a switchless connection via USB to whatever system it’s plugged into.