PS3 to PS3/360 dual mod for Helios, a fellow chun li player. I wasn’t expecting a round 2 when he asked me to do this for him. I’m glad it was though…these things are really quite nice, and have a little lighter feel to them than the round 1’s.

Parts Required:
1 x Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightpad (chun li version, since Helios mains chun it seemed fitting)
1 x Imp Kit
Random accessories

Sorry for the blurry pictures, this time I failed pretty bad with taking them. The work light I use is pretty damn bright, and unless I take a bazillion pictures to get it right I sometimes just get these. My micro SD card is being used for something else right now, so I just took a few as a record as is.

I was going to try using some rubber tubing on the wires to make things extra pretty. However, I already had enough problems getting the fightpad and wires to cooperate that by the time I finished with my standard zip tie approach, I just kinda said fuck it. This is probably the first time since the very first pad hack I’ve done that I’ve come across issues with prepping a pad, I think it may be time to order some new tips for my iron just in case.

I was also debating on writing up a tutorial, and using this mod for that purpose…but again, I’ll save that for another time.

Quick note: Floppy cable wires != IDE drive wires, they are both technically 28 gauge, but floppy cable wires have a thicker insulation, making them less suitable for intricate wiring.

No auto-detection, the selection is in the LS/DP/RS switch. LS/DP are PS3, and RS is Xbox 360.