Hey again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but ever since I finished the TEasy Mod, I’ve been rather busy getting organized.

I still get asked to do mods by locals, and here’s a few. The first one is for my friend d0x, who wanted his Comic-Con PS3 TE dual modded.

Same set up as always

1 x Madcatz Xbox 360 Fightpad
1 x Imp board

Switches via control panel switch, RS = 36o, DP/LS = PS3

The next mod wasn’t terribly complex, but it was the first time I’ve dealt with Dreamcast Agetec sticks. He wanted me to make his twin Agetecs work on PSx as well as DC…no problem. Overall they’re nice to work with, the PCB is pretty damn easy to work with. However, the one gripe that I have is that whoever designed the PCB did a piss poor job at using thermals for their through hole spots. Heating up the ground pins enough to solder a wire to was really quite difficult, since the ground plane just acted like a gigantic heat sink.

This first one wasn’t bad, the PSX pad was an early version A type dual shock. Super easy to mod with. This wasn’t an untouched stick though, someone had popped in a JLF and sanwa buttons, and you can tell they didn’t plan ahead when splicing in the JLF. The terminal block that was already there was cut in too close to the PCB for my liking.

The second one was a gigantic pain in the ass.

The pad he supplied me with was a late version A type, which utilizes a flex cable for the tactile buttons. Instead of soldering to scraped traces, you have to solder to the other side of the flex cable connector, which is kind of a challenge since it’s got rather small points.

I ran into a bunch of problems. It went smoothly at first, but after fiddling mounting this thing in the case for 20 minutes I finally got to test it. Turns out I had a slight wiring issue and had to re-do it. Then, after unmounting it, changing the wires, and remounting it I found I had a short between R1 and R2…awesome.

So I finally fixed that up, then zip tied everything tight and closed it up once and for all. Now both sticks work on PSx as well as DC. I think I went through about 25 zip ties with this one, luckily they’re cheap.