First dual mod commission so far that wasn’t USB only. This time around It was a PS3 SE that needed to have PSX capabilities.

Parts Required:
1 x Madcatz SE Fightstick
1 x Sony PS1 Digital M game pad
Random accessories

This is a first for me, since I’ve never done a mod requiring 2 cables to come out of the case. Ended up needing to dremel a slight notch to let the other cable out. I tied it off and used zip ties in two spots (1 on case front, 1 on PCB) to make sure that it never gets pulled on.

Pretty straight forward, however one interesting note is the fact that since this is an older pad, some converters may not like it. When I first tested functionality, the game controller panel was telling me that the pad was freaking out, and yet the USB side of things was just fine. Turns out that some converters like the one I have, will only work correctly with PSx pads that have analogs on them, ala ps1/ps2 dual shock controllers.