Small update, this time it’s another commission from a local. He requested a mod from me on behalf of his little brother as I understand it. He wanted a 360 to MC Cthulu + RJ45 mod with cables for USB (360/PS3/PC), PSx, and Game Cube.

This was the first time doing a full MC mod. I’ve read about it multiple times and understood it very well going into it, but as it’s the first time I didn’t have a process down to get it done to my liking. To make it worse it was a MadCatz SE stick, which doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of breathing room. Nevertheless he needed it in short time so I ordered all the parts and got right to it.

I followed This tutorial, done by rtdzign. It’s well written, and it allowed me to get through the parts that I wasn’t entirely familiar with. In particular, the 3 PCBs attached to each other was an easy to understand thing, but I hadn’t yet crimped cables for this mod before, and his tutorial was really helpful in figuring out the “standard” wiring people are using with it, and it let me fly through the crimping process.

The only tool I lacked was a hole saw for cutting the opening for the pass through RJ45 jack. Since I didn’t have it (and the ACE Hardware on my way home didn’t either), I decided to make this a to part mod. The first night I soldered everything together and tested it all out. It surprisingly only took me about 3 hours from start to finish to splice everything together, with maybe another hour extra of crimping and testing my set up/cables.

This is how it all turned out:

After this was all set, I finally got tired of the fact that nobody had a nice forstner 24mm drill bit so I opted for a 15/16″ Spade bit, which is normally used for wood but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I won’t lie, I got it mostly cut out (and accidentally cut the opening a little too close to the top of the case) and then relied on about 20 minutes of dremel work to get everything to play nice.

Oh well, after fanagling it a little I ended up with the jack in place:

Parts required:

1 x Toodles’ MC Cthulu

1 x Imp Kit

1 x RJ45 pass-through jack

3 x System controller cables and 4 x RJ45 crimp ends (1 for the outgoing connection)

Works on multiple systems, switch between the major systems with the LS/DP/RS switch:

LS/DP = Xbox 360

RS = Everything else (it switches to the Cthulu side of things)